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Mansa Musa.

Other Mideval Kingdoms.

The Niger River enabled the kingdom of Mali to develop a far more stable economy than Ghana had enjoyed and contributed to the rise of the Mali empire. The Mossi attacked trading caravans and military garrisons in the south. In the east, the Songhai gathered strength. Mali lasted another 200 years, but its glory days were over.


Sundiata captured most of the territories in Mali which were rich in gold thus giving Mali the monopoly over gold trade. Cotton cultivation was also introduced by him. Under his guidance Mali flourished to a great extent making it one of the richest agricultural regions in West Africa. He went on to rule until his death in 1255. The history of Mali saw seize of power by foreign nations. Timbuktu, a very important city of Mali, was conquered by Morocco in 1591.


Mali served as an important trade route for caravans. By the beginning of 12th century AD, Mali came under the rule of the Malinke dynasty. This dynasty ruled till the 16th century. The history of Mali witnessed the golden period of trade and commerce during the 14th and 15th centuries. Mali mainly exported of gold, ivory, weapons and jewelry.


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kingdom end and reason for demise

Mali kingdom ruled from c. 1230 to c. 1600. The Mali Empire grew out of an area referred to by its contemporary inhabitants as Manden.

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